An ancient borough


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John Cowper Powys
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A visit to Weymouth with John Cowper Powys     [ ⇒ continue... ]

The isolation of the self gives us the habit of contemplating at every moment the wide swing of the planetary world. It enables us to feel the wind of outer space blow across the surface of our earth as we ride with it through the eternal ether.
(A Philosophy of Solitude)



     Her gaze wandered in the same weary, procrastinating manner to a picturesque row of old-fashioned houses on the western side of the little harbour. Some of the time-mellowed habitations had lights in their rooms; and the rays from their windows fell upon stone steps leading down into the rushing tide, and upon quite a fleet of small rowing-boats that rocked up and down in the darkness. Above the roofs of these houses rose the grassy promontory known locally as the Nothe; but there was no one to explain to the newcomer that just as everything on this Nothe side of the harbour lay in the ancient borough of Weymouth, so everything in the lively resort now behind her back, belonged, in strict historic continuity, to the ancient sister borough of Melcome Regis.

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