(Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.)

Youngstown, Ohio, December 17 (1925)

I'm sick of travelling, Kit, my old friend! This town is the extreme limit, smoky, slatternly, rough as hell, casually lumped together & as I stood just now - a moment ago side by side with a little black girl of seven or eight with arms full of Xmas presents done up in blue paper & blue paper brought by the bundle to do up others for colored relatives - there were motor cars & lorries & trucks & so on and railway engines and a sewage river & an iron bridge and writhing smoke and big flakes of black smut descending from the sky, big as gigantic snow-flakes only black - like Devil's snow-flakes...a little pretty Youngstown Xmas Card!
(Powys to Sea-Eagle)